Thinking of those who resist the use of tubeless, or who do trust it but still have a spare tube with them, Tubolito manufactures a camera that in addition to being very light, is tremendously resistant and takes up very little space.


For custom measures and / or designs please contact: hello@vikingbmx.com.

Light weight

2/3 lighter than conventional cameras. Tubolito offers a weight reduction in a simple way, it does so through innovative technology, combining special materials.


2x more robust than conventional cameras.

The Tubolitos are made with a new thermoplastic elastomer. This high-tech material is highly efficient and currently replaces many rubber products in the automotive and pharmacy industries.

Designed and manufactured in Europe

The Tubolito are manufactured in Austria, with European material. With this, they achieve faster innovation through the proximity of production and development. Environmental sustainability.


High Lens: 54% lighter, 2x more puncture resistant, and 50% smaller compared to standard cameras. That’s why the Tubo-BMX jumps to new heights. It’s made for 20 ”1.8” and 2.4 ”wide BMX tIres and its low weight and super toughness are designed to hit the hardwood.Available with a Schrader valve.

Diameter: 20 ” Weight: 58g
Tire width: 1.8 “-2.4” Valve: Presta 42 mm